Attorney Jessica Dominguez debunks immigration myths – Examiner

According to U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services and prominent immigration lawyer Jessica Dominguez, there’s an overload of unnecessary hype and concern surrounding the effects immigration has on U.S. citizens and their ability to live out the “American Dream” as they intend. Nowadays, immigrants primarily gain access to the U.S. via two visa types: immigrant visas,

CA Family Says ICE Terrorized Them – Fox News Latino

August 3, 2011:An immigrant family in Southern California reported abuse, intimidation and physical violence at the hands of federal agents during a botched drug raid that has them close to being deported. “This family suffered an unjust attack by the authorities and had nothing to do with the drugs they were looking for,” immigration lawyer

Freedom Fighter: Alumna Jessica Dominguez – Pepperdine University

Pepperdine University: “I like to get involved with cases that present an unusual challenge,” says Pepperdine alumna and immigration lawyer Jessica Dominguez “I’m not saying that I can get a victory for everyone but I always think it’s worth a try.” With a passion for fighting injustice and constant support from her family, last year

Attorney calls for protection of parents in school abuse case – LA Times

February 9, 2012: A local immigrant rights group has called on the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department to provide protections for undocumented parents whose children were allegedly victimized in the Miramonte Elementary School teacher abuse scandal. The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles asked for the sheriff to assure the parents that their

Miramonte School reopens but parents are still worried – NBC Latino

February 9, 2012: Bad timing – that is what hundreds of parents and students said this morning about the Los Angeles, California school district’s decision to reopen scandal-plagued Miramonte Elementary School with a brand-new staff of teachers and aides. Parents reeling from the arrests of two teachers for sex-related charges were worried about their children

Immigration Reform: Should We Change Laws if They Tear Families Apart? – Q Ideas

Q Ideas Conference 2013: The immigration reform debate has reached a fevered pitch. Last week, the Senate passed a controversial immigration reform bill. And now, as the House looks at an emerging immigration compromise, the question of reform is not “if” reform will happen, but “how” it ought to take shape. The Church, too, must

Undocumented Miramonte Parents Fearful of Coming Forward – NBC

February 9, 2012: An attorney representing undocumented families of children allegedly abused by a Miramonte Elementary School teacher sought an assurance on Thursday from LA County Sheriff Lee Baca that the families will not be turned over to immigration authorities. The news came during a press conference at the offices of the Coalition for Humane Immigrant

Immigration lawyer known as ‘the angel of justice’ among Latinos – LA Times

August 20, 2012: “With her hair curled and her TV makeup in place, Jessica Dominguez is ready to talk immigration. She sits across from Maria Velasquez, who nervously pulls at her hands. The 60-year-old Velasquez was ordered deported two decades ago and has lived in the United States illegally ever since. “Stay calm,” Dominguez says,

Jessica Dominguez Keeps Families Together – MORE Magazine

March 2013: “In 2012, immigration was an incendiary issue that dominated the Republican primaries and may even have swung the election. The President now seems prepared to spend political capital to achieve reform. But for Jessica Dominguez, a Los Angeles lawyer who was once undocumented herself, keeping deportees from being separated from their children isn’t

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